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ATC History

During the period of the Second  World War, Maghull hosted its first ATC unit, No 1837 Squadron  and some information on its existence is contained in the following Maghull Times article from that time:

Round About  Maghull

 Maghull 1837  Squadron of the Air Training Corps has now been in existence  some four months or so, and during this time has made great  progress.
The Squadron is now nearly 80 strong, and is fortunate in having a very fine band of keen instructors  whilst the cadets themselves are highly enthusiastic.
Meetings are held every Tuesday and Friday evenings in the Senior School, and instruction is given in  navigation, aeronautics, mathematics, and the usual subjects.
There has been a marked improvement already in the bearing of the cadets, and they are all eagerly looking forward to the day when they will have their uniforms.
Mr H J Recton, the respected Headmaster of the Maghull Senior School, who is one  of the founders of the A.T.C. in Maghull, has been acting as  Commanding Officer of the Squadron since its  formation.
However, having helped launch it so  successfully, Mr Recton now feels that he must relinquish the  position as he finds the duties devolving upon the C.O. too exacting to fit in with many other calls upon his time.
In addition to his important work as headmaster of the Senior School, Mr. Recton superintends the Maghull Evening School and  undertakes a great many duties at Maghull Parish Church where  he is a licensed  lay-reader.
It is hoped that Mr. W. E. Long, the present chairman of the Maghull A.T.C. Committee will succeed Mr. Recton as the Commanding Officer -  a post for which he has many qualifications, including the  important quality of leadership.
Mr Long served in the  Great War, and he takes a great interest in this new Youth  movement in Maghull District. Capt. Hayens is the  president.
The Maghull  Ratepayers’ Association had arranged for a whist drive to take  place in aid of the Maghull War Comforts Fund on Saturday  next, but owing to a combination of unforeseen circumstances  it has had to be  postponed.